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Cloud service that constructs client’s environment in a secure data center, through which our clients can reduce system operation/maintenance cost, and concentrate their resources to their core businesses


System Management Outsourcing is a cloud service that constructs, operates, and maintains system infrastructure all at once to ensure safe operation of DivaSystem. Since the server environment for the client is to be constructed in the data center, the client itself is not asked to hold system facilities including servers required for DivaSystem opertation. Facility cost and its maintenance cost totally reduced, clients can concentrate their resources to their core businesses.

Professional staffs of system operation offer a series services that include daily reporting of operation and maintenance of the system infrastructure, handling system failure, and patching. In addition to “DivaSystem Managed Service”(DSMS), a standard service, we also offer customized service that meets each client’s needs.


One-stop professional staffs

Professional staffs consistently offer a series of services for the system, that includes server environment construction, operation status report, periodical maintenance, failure handling, and OS patching. We also take charge of upgrading DivaSystem. DivaSystem patching and upgrading can be requested anytime when in need without any additional cost.

Construction of secure environment

With the data center having completed SSAE16 Type Ⅱ, sever environment to be provided has the security level comparable to that of financial institution. Also when it is being accessed, high level security is achieved by SSL certificate and DigiCert PKI.

Speedy migration

Migration to DivaSystem can be completed after arranging the environment for its operation in 3 weeks, if shortest. Even for new clients, we promise a speedy introduction of it.

2.Our clients may be facing problems such as:

“System operation and maintenance cause a huge burden. Our core business is thus obstructed.”
“We want to restrain the cost when setting-up the system facilities required for DivaSystem operation. We always want the most up-to-date environment for DivaSystem.”


Data center and access environment

1.Data center

― selected through FIERTE’s asssessment
― SSAE16 Type Ⅱ

2.Access environment

― secured by SSL certificate
― secured by DigiCert PKI

System Management Outsourcing