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Coupa Treasury

“Coupa Treasury”, a global treasury management system we provide, enables systemization of treasury management involving an entire corporate group.

Instead of data prepared on spreadsheets in the past, Coupa Treasury delivers online real-time visibility of detailed information of the group, as well as that of global operations including foreign exchange, interest, commodity futures, netting, and payment.


Coupa Treasury is developed based on “Load Balanced Treasury”, a concept that encourages balancing treasury operation workload of the group.

With its system configuration, since Coupa Treasury can be accessed via the Internat simply through a web browser, not only by PC but also by mobile device, employees engaged in tresury operations of the subsidiaries all over the world can work on the same data source. Along with an interface which facilitates bank transactions, it also prepares a number of interfaces that link with external trading platform, matching service, and market data system.

As a result, each of the subsidiaries can complete treasury operation including the management of fund, loan, and FX, on the web, which means all of the treasury inforamtion can be centralized on Coupa Treasury.

Coupa Treasury is composed of four modules which reflect real-time data from the same database. Descriptions of each module are given below.

1.Liquidity Management

The scope of this module ranges from cash management on a daily basis to various payment procedures including payment factory. In addition to short-term fund forecast based on the management of interest rate and exchange rate, it also performs long-term forecast of cash deposit and withdrawal and of liquidity. Moreover, it generates reports of treasury position.

■Functions of the module include
  • Automatic acquisition and centralization of statement information from more than one bank
  • Registration of more than one fund forecast plan
  • Budget management
  • Real-time visibility of treasury position and financing status
  • Multi-stage approval process of fund transfer instruction
  • Automatic conversion of cash deposit and withdrawal
  • Notional pooling and actual pooling
  • Displaying the status of hedging according to IAS39/FAS133

2.Management of Interest Rates, Currencies and Commodities

This module deal with all types of treasury contracts such as foreign exchange, derivative, short-term financing, hedge, commodity, guarantee, borrowing limit, and LC. After being registered, they are displayed on the module, and can be processed through Value at Risk (VaR) caluculation.

■Functions of the module include
  • Management of various financial instruments ranging from foreign exchange to LC 
    ― FX option, loan, CP, corporate bond, government bond, stock, etc.
  • Setting and managing credit line internal limit
  • Transaction analysis
  • Application/approval workflow
  • Data coordination with external system
  • Calculating market prices of FX option and commodity, foreign exchange rate, and market interest rate
  • Scenario analysis, risk analysis, sensitivity analysis, and VaR
  • Journal entry data coordination with external system

3.Intercompany Reconciliation & Netting

This module matches invoices issued internationally among the companies of the group and makes payments of them through simple and optimized way. Since the procedure is designed to run according to each company’s understanding, it can adjust amount differences of intercompany transactions efficiently.

■Functions of the module include
  • Automatic recording of the debts corresponding to credits
  • List of credits and debts with their matching status
  • Reconciliation and dispute management
  • Netting of transaction with any selections of bank, currency, and country
  • Transfer of the amount that resulted from the netting
  • Debit/credit reclassification of the amount that resulted from the netting


In additiion to a wide variety of standard reports, Coupa Treasury flexibly prepares reports that meet client needs.

■Functions of the module include
  • Preparing a wide variety of standard reports
  • Flexible reporting according to the selection of analysis axes
  • Coordination with Excel
  • Coordination with BI tools
  • Data integration through Treasury Analytics Dashboard developed in collaboration with PwC

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