SERVICES Consulting Services

Service Contents

Scope of services

We provide a wide scope of consulting services that are niche and high level, based on abundant experience of outsourcing service.

Patterns of services to be provided

According to client’s status, flexible services are to be offered partially, or comprehensively.

01 Consulting service for complicated accounting process

For complicated accounting process that client is facing, we systematically arrange the problem and provide suggestion to the process. We give advice regarding accounting process and financial report, and support introducing consolidated accounting system.

02 Consulting service for optimization ranging consistently from non-consolidated accounting to disclosure

  • Investigate efficiency problem and give improvement suggestion regarding all the process of non-consolidated accounting, consolidated accounting, and disclosure of subsidiaries overseas
  • Consulting for non-consolidated and consolidated accounting system
  • Support for planning and implementing optimization of accounting and disclosure
  • Consulting that analyzes disclosure status, points out problems on early/accurate disclosure, and gives improvement suggestion for further optimization. This involves consolidated accounting system, disclosure flow, and disclosure rule.

03 Consulting for introducing and operating DivaSystem

  • Planning DivaSystem introduction and giving advice and support for project management
  • Support for installing DivaSystem and support for installing and developing data collecting PKG
  • Supporting subsidiaries’ data inputting and consolidated accounting , and screening DivaSystem data such as journal entry arrangement and master setting optimization

04 Support for preparing and updating JSOX documents, and support for improving operation

  • Reviewing internal control documents, arranging problems, and giving improvement suggestions.
  • Support for constructing internal control including automation
  • Prepare internal control documents

05 Consulting for improving and analyzing subsidiary’s accounting report

  • Analyzing financial statement’s stability and fund efficiency by reviewing subsidiary’s report, as well as arranging problems and preparing reports
  • On-site investigation of subsidiary’s financial status and preparing subsidiary report
  • Arrange problems of the process by reassessing contents to be reported, and give improvement suggestion
  • Developing and introducing subsidiary’s reporting PKG

06 Support to prepare for intial statutory audit

  • Reviewing accounting documents in advance, overviewing internal control status, and preparing for audit
  • Supporting improvement project for accounting process, operation process, control, and system
  • Reviewing audit result and determining resolution

07 Support for preparing disclosure documents for IPO, and support for internal control arrangement

  • Support for preparing Annual Securities Report (Ⅰ・Ⅱ) and Quarterly Report for listing application
  • Reviewing listing application documents and consulting regarding improvements of accounting and internal control
  • Supporting staff organization for disclosure, internal control, and internal audit.

08 Business Valuation, Stock Valuation, and Due Diligence Services

  • Asset valuation or financial valuation that concerns stock valuation, third-party allotment price, and goodwill, for appropriate recognition of the business.
  • Preparing carve-out financial statements of a subsidiary or a business section that is being separated when selling, separating, or reorganizing a business.

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