Accounting,Tax, Treasury Outsourcing Services


Covering Consolidated accounting, disclosures, tax and so on …


We can support your Accounting, Tax, and Treasury work in many areas as follows.
We take over your works and operate these works remotely from our office as basic.


  • Annual report
  • Statement of accounts
  • General shareholders’ meeting call
  • Reports for the meeting of the board of directors
Consolidated Accounts
  • Financial Statements
  • Cash Flow report
  • Statement of changes in shareholders ‘ equity
  • Change of the scope of consolidation
  • Briefing Session for Subsidiaries
Subsidiaries tasks for Consolidation
  • Reclassification of Account titles
  • Maintenance of Reporting files to Parent
  • Internal transaction Reconciliation
  • Check of reporting files
  • Contact for Subsidiaries
Single Accounts
  • Cost calculation
  • Financial Statements
  • Entering the data to reporting files
  • Inventory management
  • Fixed Assets management
Internal control work Respond to the audits


Consolidated tax
  • Making Tax documents of group companies
  • Tax Filing of group companies
  • Making the list of Individually Attributed Amount
  • Consolidated tax returns
  • Local Tax return
Single tax
  • Tax effect Calculation
  • Settlement tax calculation
  • Providing Tax information
  • Tax filing
  • Review of Tax work
Internal control work Respond to the audits


Group Treasury management (System & service)
  • Cash/ Treasury management
  • Cash Forecast
  • Pooling/Netting
  • Risk Management
  • Payment Factory
Internal control work Respond to the audits

Internal control work

Respond to the audits