About Us

Corporate Overview

Inception 2017/8/7
CEO Gen Nagata
Businesses Outsourcing services and related services
Locations Shinjuku i-Land Tower 22F/43F(Reception 43F), 6-5-1, Nishi-Shinjuku,Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-1343
TEL +81-3-5909-5177
FAX +81-3-5909-5199
Capital 100 million yen
Board of Directors Chairman of the board Tetsuji Morikawa
(Group CEO of AVANT, President and CEO of DIVA)
CEO Gen Nagata
(Corporate Officer of AVANT, Part-time Director of DIVA)
Director Head of CFO Office Business Division Tetsuya Kawamura (Corporate Officer of AVANT)
Director Head of Product Develop Department and Administration Department Shuichi Fukayama (Corporate Officer of AVANT)
Director (Part-time) Hiroki Takemura
(Corporate Officer of AVANT, Vice President of DIVA)
Director (Part-time) Yoshiyuki Numata
(Corporate Officer of AVANT, Director of ZEAL)
Auditor (Part-time) Tsuyoshi Noshiro
(Statutory Auditor of AVANT)
Advisor Kunio Suzuki
(Auditor of AVANT)
Principal stockholder AVANT CORPORATION

Corporate History

2011/3 Outsourcing Business Division was established in DIVA CORPORATION and started outsoursing services.
2013/7 Outsourcing Business Division promoted to Outsourcing Business Unit.
2014/7 Outsourcing Business Unit changed name to CFO Office Business Unit.
2014/11 The office moved to Tachibana Shinjuku Building.
2015/9 CFO Office Business Unit in DIVA CORPORATION start providing tm5 which is BELLIN's treasury management system (TMS) and related services in Japan.
2017/2 The office moved to Shinjuku i-Land Tower 43F.
2017/8 FIERTE CORPORATION is established as a core business of AVANT group
2017/10 DIVA CORPORATION tranfer the business of Outsourcing related business to FIERTE CORPORATION. FIERTE COPORATION started providing outsourcing services, TMS and related services.
2019/06 Following the business expansion and the increase in employees, the 22nd floor of Shinjuku i-Land Tower has now been included as part of the office.


Marunouchi line

30 seconds walk from Nishi-shinjuku station

Toei Oedo line

8 min. walk from Tochomae station 10 min. walk fromShinjuku-nishiguchi station

JR, Keio, Odakyu line

10 min. walk from Shinjuku station (West gate)