About Us Message from Top Management

FIERTE was established as the company specialized for Group company accounting outsourcing services which is one of the core businesses of AVANT, due to business transfer from DIVA CORPORATION, a software vender.

AVANT Group has a mission, that is, to make a contribution to the development of corporate society thorough “Spreading Accountability”. FIERTE goes beyond just providing solutions to support preparing management information. FIERTE’s shared service prepares management information together with our clients, through which “Accountability” is “Spread”.

In modern society, working environment has been changing rapidly by decreasing birthrate, aging of the population, and automation by AI. We have kept growing and kept obtaining our client’s trust, asking ourselves what CFO function should do.

The know-how collected from our clients has been a part of today’s FIERTE.
This important know-how is The One and The Only value of us. We keep accumulating and brushing up the know-how to provide more improved services to our clients. Our mission is “Support the progress of our client’s CFO function, as we are the shared service company for all of our clients”.

Gen Nagata