Be the company who everyone related can be proud of

Support Customer’s Growth and Grow Ouselves
The One and only Outsourcer for Group Accounting

Experts of Accounting,Treasury and Business management
supports the Progress of your company

Pressure from Environment change and
Diversity to overcome this have been
Evolving us
For the sustainable development
Connection with outside world
which encourage your company
To Progress is essential

Our mission is not just supporting your job.
We support the Progress of your Accounting and
Treasury division.

Message from Top Management

FIERTE was established as the company specialized for Group company accuounting outsourcing services which is one of the core business of AVANT by business transfer from DIVA CORPORATION who is the software vender.

AVANT Group has the mission that we make a contribution to the development of Companies thorough “Popularize management information”. FIERTE goes beyond to just supporting to make the management information by providing solutions and plays an important role to contribute to “Popularize management information” by providing shared services such as making the management information together with Customers

In the morden world, the work environment has been changing very quickly by Decreasing birthrate and aging of the population, Automation by AI and many other factors. We have been trying to find better way to work for CFO function and provding many kinds of serveces. By this activities, we have obtained cutomer’s trust and keep growing.

The know-how which we obtained from Customers has been made FIERTE today. This important know-how is one and only value of us. We keep accumulating the know-how, looking forward better ways and providing the better services to more and more cutomers. Our mission is “Support the Progress of your CFO function as the shared service company of many companies”.

Gen Nagata